Prospective Graduate Students

The Developmental Psychopathology Lab is currently accepting new graduate students. Dr. Petersen is a member of the Developmental Psychopathology Research Group, and interested students are able to join the research group for individualized, interdisciplinary, and student-centered training in developmental psychopathology research. Prospective graduate students should read the application guidelines for applying to the Developmental Psychopathology Lab. To read the expectations for graduate students in the Developmental Psychopathology Lab, see here. For more information about joining the lab, contact Dr. Petersen by email at

Prospective Undergraduate Research Assistants

We invite you to apply to join the Developmental Psychopathology Lab! Research Assistant (RA) positions are available for credit or volunteering initially, but there may be opportunities for paid positions for RAs who have been in the laboratory for a while and demonstrated their commitment and interest. Research assistants will gain experience with many lab procedures (e.g., collecting data during child lab visits, data management, and video coding of parent–child interactions). There are also opportunities to complete honors theses for students who are interested and who have been in the lab for a while. Positions in our laboratory may be particularly interesting and greatly beneficial for those who plan to enter graduate programs in clinical psychology or developmental psychology. Experience with young children is highly desirable. Completion of introductory courses in research methods and statistics is desirable but not required. Expectations for undergraduate RAs are described here.

Given the extensive amount of training involved in our lab, RAs are expected to make a commitment to work in the lab for at least two semesters for three credit hours (9 hours/week of working in lab, plus 1 hour weekly lab meeting) each semester. That said, we are especially interested in prospective RAs who are interested in working in the lab for much longer than that. The longer the RA stays in lab, the more opportunities become available to them in terms of advanced training, advancement, leadership, and independent research projects (e.g., Honors theses) that can help them be competitive for graduate/professional school and jobs. To take on a more advanced training role, RAs are expected to commit to at least three semesters.

To apply, please submit the following application: Undergrad Research Assistant Application

If you have questions, please contact the Developmental Psychopathology Lab at: