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The principal investigator of the lab is Dr. Isaac T. Petersen of the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at The University of Iowa.

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About Us

We study how children develop behavior problems as well as positive adjustment by considering multiple levels of analysis, including biological, psychological, and social-contextual processes. We place special emphasis on early development, which may lead to improved intervention and prevention approaches.

Our Mission

We are striving to improve the health and well-being of families and communities by conducting research to advance the understanding of human development.



Diversity Statement

We seek to include members of various cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds so that our research might best represent the families which make up our diverse communities. We aim to provide a welcoming and respectful environment for people of all backgrounds.

Our Fall 2023 Lab Team

Fall 2023 Lab Group
Back Row: Ethan Stallman (RA), Connor Roberts (RA), Micah Williams (RA), Maddy Ephraim (RA), Megan Diep (RA), İpek Salman (Post-Bacc RA), Zach Demko (Graduate Student), Cayde Schmedding (RA), Jordan Harris (Graduate Student), Dr. Isaac Petersen (Principal Investigator), Alexis Hosch (Graduate Student), Giovanni Longino (Lab Coordinator); Middle Row: Dominic Marasco (RA), Anya Nanjappa (RA), Hannah Thomsen (RA), Stella Mesch (RA), Molly Guerra (RA), Madison Einck (RA); Front Row: Emma Chase (RA), Kasia Janik (RA), Laxmi Annapureddy (Lab Technician), Stella Mesch (RA), Zach McKay (Post-Bacc RA), Krisha Keeran (RA), Jordyn Gustafson (RA), Tatum Koch (RA), Johanna Caskey (Lab Technician), Jessica Monday (RA); Not Pictured: Abbey McConeghey (RA), Madalynn ONeil (RA)